Help Alleviate Houselessness and Lyme for Marjorie


Guest Contributor: Marjorie Morgenstern

I have been dealing with persistent Lyme Disease, Babesia, Bartonella & EBV for a very long time. I currently need money for housing food & medical treatment. I am living in a homeless shelter & it is the opposite of healing. It is unfortunately hellish living in a shelter & I need a healthier environment so that I have a chance to get well. I need money so that I can see a Lyme literate MD and pay for healthy food & needed supplements. My income is only $729 a month. I am on SSDI & not healthy enough to work yet. The shelter expects us to save for housing yet they insist we pay $270. a month to live here leaving no money for Lyme treatment.

Due to my illness my brain does not function well consistently. I would love to get my brain function back so that I can get my life back. Being in a shelter around drug addicts who are high on meth etc. & people heavily indulging in alcohol not to mention people fresh out of prison or with severe mental issues is extremely difficult for me with my present lack of normal brain function. There is constant drama here including violence. The police are here often. I need a healthier environment to heal in. Living here is incredibly oppressive.

I will be extremely thankful for any donations large or small. You will be helping me get my health & life back.

Donations can be made at, or via paypal (


Theater Fundraiser for Folks with Lyme!


Guest Author, Fundraiser, and Performer: Michal Victoria

Join me on this journey as I do a musical while under treatment for Lyme Disease! Please sponsor me at $2-10 per performance (13 performances) as I use this opportunity to raise money for those suffering from Lyme Disease who are homeless and/or unable to afford treatment. Monies will go directly into the gofundme campaigns of some of the neediest. Even a small contribution could give someone hope to stay alive. It did for me.

I can’t believe it, but rehearsals for Shakespeare in the Cannery’s “In the Mood” start tomorrow! I’ve had a rough 4 days this week where I was so weak and bed bound, I thought, “how the hell am I going to do this?!” But my healer came to the rescue and I had a treatment and am feeling like I can do this.

Donations can be made via PayPal at

Fundraiser for Tara


Dear Allies,

This is my dear friend Tara (Serita) who has late stage Lyme Disease. She is very ill and can no longer take care of herself. She has been paying for in home care and is out of money. She needs to move near family in India where she has more of a support system. She needs financial help desperately, and quickly. Please consider supporting her by donating any amount. Every little bit counts. If you can’t donate, please consider sharing her story so that others may have the opportunity to support her.

Thank you so much for your consideration. These are such frantic and desperate times and she is depending on the support of compassionate strangers to help her get through this difficult experience.

Sister of Syphilis

Guest Contributor: Michal Victoria

Sister of Syphilis is a phenomenal performance piece created by the one and only amazing, talented, and authentic Michal Victoria. I can’t tell you how affirming this piece is for those of us who struggle in similar ways and lack the ability to communicate the experience.

Michal only has $100 for treatment. Please consider making a donation or spreading the word. Donations can be made here:

Thank you so much! And thank you, Michal – this is such powerful medicine!

Bio: As best as she can report from within the cocoon, Michal Victoria is a performance artist, activist, writer, Pilates teacher, and sacred cow tipper. She has been struggling with Lyme Disease for 41 years.

Christianne’s Lyme Recovery Story!


Guest Author: Christianne Grayson

I just got my test results back and I AM LYME FREE!!!!! After contracting Lyme 20 years ago and finally being diagnosed in May 2015, I am Lyme and Lyme co-infection free after starting treatment 14 months ago. I’ve also beaten Candida, herpes zoster, and am parasite free. My pH is 7 which is optimal. It was not easy. It was not cheap. But it was worth it. I’m proof positive that it can be done.

***I am NOT a salesman of any kind but I would be amiss if I didn’t at least mention some specific products that I researched and found were better than others. I’ll lead you down MY journey but I don’t want to do anything that’s against the rules of this site. Forgive me if I do because it will only be in error.***

I will edit this protocol as necessary. Remember this is MY protocol and what I did to combat Lyme. I chose the homeopathic route and is NOT to be touted as better than any other method.

Prior to being diagnosed, I lost 2 well-paying jobs due to inability to focus and perform my job well. I went to many doctors and was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, TMJ, Tinnitus, depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder just to name a few. I was hospitalized and put on numerous medications. I could barely walk, talk or drive. I was on the verge of divorce and lost my 2nd daughter in a tragic accident right after my diagnosis. I was a hot mess. Continue reading “Christianne’s Lyme Recovery Story!”

Randy’s Lyme Story and Fundraiser


Randy Buchler is a treasured small farmer and educator based in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. He and his family run Shady Grove Farm, a highly efficient, diversified livestock and permaculture agricultural operation that provides high quality certified naturally grown products to the community as well as empowering educational opportunities to people of all ages.

The Buchler family needs our support at this point to help Randy get the Lyme disease treatment he needs and to keep the farm going at the same time. His health issues attached to the Lyme symptoms have become increasingly severe in the last few months and the most effective treatment available to him is not covered by health insurance. Without strong community support at this time, the future of Shady Grove Farm could very well be in jeopardy.

Hundreds of people across the country have all been touched deeply by the Buchler’s and their farm. They have poured their time and energy into their land, the animals, the community and work for the common good for many years. They have overcome many major obstacles in the past, as illustrated in the film. Now is the time to pour support back to them and help Randy get the help he so desperately needs and deeply deserves. Thank you for your time!

UPDATE: Randy has been able to start treatment and it is going well! He needs to continue treatment but is running low on funds. Please support Randy, the Buchler Family, the farm, and the greater community by sharing his story and/or making a donation here: