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Guest Author: Michal Victoria

Lately I’ve been thinking I’m just going to die. The worst part of this is that I have been sick since I was 6, so I feel like I haven’t done anything with this life. I haven’t loved enough, seen enough. accomplished much of anything. I know intellectually all that I’ve heard people say about not realizing the impact you may have unknowingly had on people. But it’s just not enough. I feel I will go and there will be barely a ripple. I wanted to affect more, do more. I hurt for all the people with chronic illness that are silently leaving us, fading away, all that lost talent and love and potential.

The second part that is so bad about this, is knowing that my fate may be different if I had more money. And you know this disease usually means $50, 000 and up. And the fate of others who are slipping away for the same reason-money. It is evil. If people want to see the truly graphic ugly side of capitalism, look at us. We are dying because money is put before people, before life. It is the reason for the silence of the CDC and the IDSA. It is the reason doctors who try to help are losing their licenses. It is the reason we cannot get the care we each need so we can live. We are dying because of money.

I don’t want to go knowing I left any stone I could think of unturned. Here is my gofundme.

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