Help Alleviate Houselessness and Lyme for Marjorie


Guest Contributor: Marjorie Morgenstern

I have been dealing with persistent Lyme Disease, Babesia, Bartonella & EBV for a very long time. I currently need money for housing food & medical treatment. I am living in a homeless shelter & it is the opposite of healing. It is unfortunately hellish living in a shelter & I need a healthier environment so that I have a chance to get well. I need money so that I can see a Lyme literate MD and pay for healthy food & needed supplements. My income is only $729 a month. I am on SSDI & not healthy enough to work yet. The shelter expects us to save for housing yet they insist we pay $270. a month to live here leaving no money for Lyme treatment.

Due to my illness my brain does not function well consistently. I would love to get my brain function back so that I can get my life back. Being in a shelter around drug addicts who are high on meth etc. & people heavily indulging in alcohol not to mention people fresh out of prison or with severe mental issues is extremely difficult for me with my present lack of normal brain function. There is constant drama here including violence. The police are here often. I need a healthier environment to heal in. Living here is incredibly oppressive.

I will be extremely thankful for any donations large or small. You will be helping me get my health & life back.

Donations can be made at, or via paypal (


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