About Me

I am a lover of many things. My family, my partner, nature, social and environmental justice, birth, and healing tend to have my attention most of the time and are what most inform my life and my art. I am a doula and a practitioner of multiple healing modalities.

I am now nearing my 35th birthday. I am housebound due to my health challenges and have been unable to work since May of 2015. After 16 years of living with chronic life-threatening illnesses, I have faced many traumatic experiences along the way – fear of death, big loss, failed treatments, and emotionally abusive treatment from our modern medical system – just to name a few. The flip side of this is that I have also deepened my relationship to beauty, love and life in all forms beyond what I ever knew previously. My personal suffering has connected me to the heart of life and the hearts and suffering of others, seeing that if we live long enough, we suffer at some point. Usually many points. We also share in the experience of love and beauty. I have an immense amount of compassion and awe when I consider what life is built to endure, and the challenges I see those around me facing.

As a way to help me process and heal my own traumas mentioned above, I make art and write. Likewise, to celebrate the many things I love, I make art and write. Self-expression allows me to connect with my experience in each moment, unconditionally. It helps me experience what it means to be alive. Selling it also helps me bring in a little bit of income. All purchases are greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time and energy and for reading my story! My heart is with each and every person reading this.

As an addition to sharing my own story, I am hoping to bring in the stories of other warriors of Lyme Disease and chronic illness as well. Stay tuned as I reach out for submissions!


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