About This Website

The Oak in the Acorn strives to amplify the voices of those with Lyme and other tick-borne illnesses, as well as amplifying the voices of our caregivers. I have been sick with Lyme Disease and co-infections for 16 years and have been writing about my experiences on this site and other places online. My intent has always been to raise awareness and compassion for people with chronic illness and their support people. However, after meeting and remaining connected to many people throughout the years with Lyme, I understand that I am just one person, and there are many perspectives and stories that go untold as I share only about my experience.

My hope is that those of you with chronic illness and those of you supporting us will submit your stories, experiences, perspectives, hopes, triumphs, tribulations, losses, beauty, and anything you feel drawn to share in a way that is healing to you. This could be in any format – words, pictures, artwork, music, videos, the list goes on. It can be your own personal story or also an article you write on any topic pertaining to chronic illness or Lyme. I know we all have a lot on our plates, so your submissions could even be old FB posts, journal entries, etc. If you’d like to write an “about the author” section for me to add to your article and/or a personal photo of you, that would be great! It’s totally up to you though.

Additional information I’d love to include for those who are interested:

  1. If there are fundraising efforts for you feel free to send me your story and info about how to donate…I will be happy to share that here!
  2. If you have art for sale, write something up about it and send it my way! I would love to post about it and direct more people to support you! Include any websites or information necessary so people know how to find your work.

Because so many of us are housebound, we need a safe place to share our voices and be vulnerable with the confidence that our truths will be met with love. I would love for this to be a community space to celebrate and mourn, as well as be a resource to people who want to show up for folks with chronic illness both in times of struggle and celebration, in ways that heal and support rather than harm or alienate. Because disease (whether physical, mental, or both) is often invisible, I highly encourage anyone to take the time to read about people’s experiences because you likely know someone or many people who are silently struggling. Maybe you’ll discover you are one of them.

Please consider, as you read different posts that people may give conflicting suggestions about how to best be supportive. The reality is that we have overlapping needs but we also have some differing needs depending on how long we’ve been sick, what we are sick with, our position within an oppressive social structure, our level of family support, etc. Not to mention, our needs can change each moment depending on our symptoms. That said, hearing our voices and stories as well as those of our caregivers is your best bet in learning how to love not just some of us, but all of us. I believe firmly you have to learn about a person in order to love them. This is not only an opportunity for people who have been unaffected by chronic illness to learn, but for all of us to learn how to better support one another.

Submissions or questions can be sent to thetruthaboutchronicillness@gmail.com.

*Important ground rules for comment sections: Please do not use the names of doctors or clinics on this website – this is for both their protection and those of us who go to them. Many doctors lose their licenses for treating Lyme Disease. Also, please do not give advice unless it is specifically requested. Criticism or questioning of another’s experience will not be allowed. Let’s keep this what it needs to be: a safe and loving environment where we can be our unfiltered authentic selves. Thank you and thanks so much for stopping by!*