Coloring Book


I drew each of the pages that make up this coloring book initially for myself. It took more work than can be expressed. Due to my neurological symptoms associated with Lyme Disease, drawing makes me dizzy as if I am hanging upside down. It also hurts my fingers, hands, and arms. In light of these hurdles, each line was drawn with love and a deep desire to remain connected at all costs. I created them when I needed to remember truths that are sometimes hard to connect with when life gets hard, or when I knew something was true for me but is countered by mainstream culture. Holding space for my disappointments and grief, for instance, is something that I have to re-give myself permission to do over and over again. There is no way to convey the emotions experienced while creating them.

I have never taken an art class. I believe art is our birthright so I make it anyway. Life is art and art is inherent in anything we do. Creating what I need and love matters more to me than formal training or skill. I hand-drew everything including the borders and the words. Because my neurological symptoms cause my hands to shake, perfection was out of the question before I began, so striving never really entered the picture.

Eventually it occurred to me that someone else may find value in these drawings, either for themselves or as a gift to another. We all have unique struggles and truths, so I recognize my truths may not ring true for everyone. Not to mention mine change over time. My personal suffering has connected me to the heart of life and the heart and struggle of others, seeing that if we live long enough, we suffer at some point. Usually many points. We also share in the experience of love and beauty. I have an immense amount of compassion and awe when I consider what life is built to endure, and the challenges I see those around me facing.

For the coloring book I chose a combination of drawings that range in detail to accommodate people with varying levels of energy, or those who may experience neurological challenges with coloring as I do with drawing. When I decided I would release these drawings to the public I had no idea how difficult it would be for me to trace, scan, and digitalize them…and learn how to use adobe illustrator and a mac! If I had known, I’m not sure I would have followed through…technology does not come easy to me!

Thank you for reading my story and viewing my art. I can’t express how much I appreciate your time and energy! If you are reading this and are struggling, please remember many of us are struggling with you and holding you from afar.

This can be purchased as a coloring book or by the page. To purchase and view additional coloring pages visit


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