Help Save Bekah’s Life!


Guest Author: Bekah

My name is Bekah.  I am 28 years old and doing a medical fundraiser to help keep me alive.  I’m a poet and an artist born in New York city with late stage lyme disease and associated co-infections (blood diseases.) I have been fighting lyme for a decade and have many symptoms ranging from severe nerve pain, muscle weakness, heart problems, memory loss, diagnosed as “early dementia”, I have had seizures and extreme extreme fatigue.

I have a serious infection due to a recent exposure to black mold.  I have become very very sick, because I have no working immune system.  I have become dangerously ill more so than I have ever been. I have had to leave my home, family, loved ones and beloved cat Nazima in order to detox from the mold infection. I am currently living in a car doing mold and chemical avoidance in the desert in the southwest while taking detox medication prescribed by my lyme doctor. I have medicaid and there is no coverage for late stage lyme disease. Continue reading “Help Save Bekah’s Life!”