Lois’ Lyme Story: From Struggle to Recovery

dandelion-729693_1920Guest Author: Lois Janish

I’ve decided to share my story you all are asking about. I’m going to guess it will be a read that takes almost a full cup of coffee but since I never pre-write anything (even my music and lyrics come in one sitting) I have no idea. Many who don’t know me really well will choose to skip it. Others who have blessed me by coming into my life somewhere over the past 24 years have bits of a story and more than ever are asking for the whole picture and how I’m to this miraculous point of recovering. As my story unfolds to my diagnosis and treatment things get pretty interesting 😉 If you or anyone suffers from Lyme or unexplained illness at least skip down to the bottom and read about the treatment.

So I begin….. Continue reading “Lois’ Lyme Story: From Struggle to Recovery”


Coloring through Lyme Disease, chronic illness, and other hard times (my first coloring book is complete!)


Author/Artist: Sairy Franks, Northern Oak Designs (https://www.etsy.com/shop/NorthernOakDesigns)

Here are a few of the pages from my new coloring book. To view them all, click the link above. I drew each of the pages that make up this coloring book initially for myself. It took more work than can be expressed. Due to my neurological symptoms associated with Lyme Disease, drawing makes me dizzy as if I am hanging upside down. It also hurts my fingers, hands, and arms. In light of these hurdles, each line was drawn with love and a deep desire to remain connected at all costs. I created them when I needed to remember truths that are sometimes hard to connect with when life gets hard, or when I knew something was true for me but is countered by mainstream culture. Holding space for my disappointments and grief, for instance, is something that I have to re-give myself permission to do over and over again. There is no way to convey the emotions experienced while creating them. Continue reading “Coloring through Lyme Disease, chronic illness, and other hard times (my first coloring book is complete!)”